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Babarogic © 2023. Designed by Goran Babarogic

Babarogic © 2023. Designed by Goran Babarogic

Empower your social impact

Empower your social impact


Cutting-edge AI that designs, tests, and refines your product or service to serve your users' core needs at a fraction of the cost.

The Problem

Organizations acting in the public interest or on behalf of vulnerable populations are not as effective as they could be due to a lack of feedback.

Our Solution

We can provide representative, actionable feedback to these organizations at 10-100x lower cost using AI.

Technical Approach

We accomplish this by leveraging AI in the form of “generative agents” which interact to automate the product feedback and prototyping cycle in social use cases.

Societal Benefits

Not only will this work improve our public institutions’ effectiveness in aiding the vulnerable and upholding the public good, it will also develop a technological toolkit that can facilitate the first truly representative and inclusive policymaking system for use at any scale.

Use Cases

Autofocus applies to a wide variety of use cases. Expand for three examples that showcase it's utility in dispirate situations.